Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Founding Fathers

My daddy told me that I look like George Washington or a traditional member of English parliament.  What do you think?

My daddy also told me that when the Americans were trying to liberate themselves from the British in the 18th century, they used to hide out in small forts and wait to attach the Red Coats.  Caeden and I decided we would try some of the tactics used in the Revolutionary War against Mommy...she found us!

I am off to see my cousins in Quincy, IL.  I heard that we will be in Mark Twain country.  How exciting.  I'll let you know if I see Tom and Huck!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Splash pad.Mission Beach.

Sea World.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100th Post

This is the 100th post I have added to my blog.  I can't believe it!  It's fun to keep everyone in the loop with my different adventures and milestones.

My good friend Joshie just got a new sister.  Her name is Kayla and she is beautiful.

As you already know, cooking is quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes; banana bread is my signature dish (to eat, too).

We are going to make a quick visit to California this weekend...stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

New Hobbies

Hello Everyone!

Over the course of my life I have learned a lot!  From the basics of how to eat and drink to more difficult things like spelling my name and buckling my own seat belt.  I am really becoming more and more independent I really like to "do it self."  This is a phrase that I like to use frequently.
As most of you know I am quite the helper.  I like to pick up crumbles off the floor and put them in the trash (although sometimes I eat them instead), I throw away my diaper, carry or should I say drag shopping bags, sew, vacuum, clean, and now cook!

I have been Mom's side kick when it comes to baking and cooking.  My favorite part is a toss up between stirring and sampling the food - I love to eat!