Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One Week Old: Home at Last

Today I am one week old!

Grandma Linda, Mommy and Daddy have been painting my room and getting it ready for me. I am excited to leave Mommy and Daddy's to have my own space! Mom and Dad are too messy for me and they talk too loud. I just want some privacy.

So far I have done a lot of firsts. I have taken a bath. I have been to Vons, Walmart, the Home Depot, and to my parents small group. I have smiled, slept for 3.5 hours straight, and sang with Daddy. It's been a pretty exciting journey already.

Grandma Linda has been here and I have really liked that. She has been helping Mommy and Daddy do all kinds of things. Grandma Linda brought me a load of new clothes, too. I can't wait to wear them all. She's my first family member to visit. Pretty soon Grandma & Grandpa D and Aunt Melissa are coming! I am excited to see them for the first time.

That's all for now. Daddy says I am not allowed to spend too much time on the computer; it's bad for my eyes.


Friday, September 22, 2006

The Genesis

Well, I have finally made my way into this world. I came in the natural way. Mom and Dad worked really hard to bring me here; it was a 9-month process.

I have contacted lots of family and friends to let them know that I have arrived. They are all pretty happy to see me. Mommy said it was ok to set up an email account, so I use that to stay in touch.

I can't wait to see them!