Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Great Times!!!

I think that I am one of the luckiest girls out there! My life is pretty much full of fun! This weekend my mommy, daddy, & I went to a Padres game. It was a great time! The man behind us had a bag of cracker jacks that looked absolutely scrumptious, but daddy said that I had to wait to have some until I get a little older.

Family photo! Great times!!!
I definitely had the best seat in the stadium! Great times!!!
On Memorial Day we had a barbecue on our back patio. We had a great time eating, splashing, and even getting a little sun! Did you know that I just love watermelon?
Enjoy the great times in life! I love you all!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Friends are great! We always have so much fun together and the cool thing is that we are all so close in age. On Thursday nights when the adults get together for bible study the kids get to have fun playing with toys.
Look I'm a flower!
On the weekend Daddy taught me how to check the oil.On Monday, Mommy took me to go play in the sand at the beach, which I absolutely love to do! It was overcast and windy so Mommy had me wear my cool big-girl sweatshirt.
Yesterday night my friend, Abby, came over to play!
Friends are great! Always make sure they know you love them!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'll be watching you...

I love adventures!

This week the Bryans and my family went to Seaport Village to walk around and watch performers. In the picture I am watching a man fly some very colorful kites. They are very pretty!

Here I am playing with my toys while I am watching my daddy wash windows.

I am watching my mommy and daddy put goofy things on my head.

Here I am helping my mommy watch my friend Ashlynn.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Growing just right!

This week was big for me! Mommy and I went to see Dr. Szold. He is so nice, but he did mention that I was a little dramatic. The doctor told me that I was growing just right! I'm 27.25" tall and I weigh 16.5lbs. My mommy started asking more questions about percentiles, which completely had me confused! I guess Dr. Szold said my height is in the 75th percentile and my weight is in the 50th.

Standing makes me so HAPPY!

Who needs SLEEP!
I learned how to CLAP!
I know how to cruise in my walker! It is very fun! A few times Mommy had to go to the other room so I took the opportunity to do a little exploring; when I decided I was finished I went and found her.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life is Good and Getting Better

Hello Gang,

Have I mentioned that San Diego is wonderful? I am really enjoying my time here.
My week was great but my weekend was even better.

On Friday Mommy and I went to Mary and Emmanuel's house to celebrate Togo's Independence day. It was a lot of fun...but I was a little antsy because I knew that Daddy was coming home later that night...and I was really excited to see him.

On Saturday Mommy, Daddy, and I went to the beach. I was able to score myself some Wheat Thins. Boy are they tasty! I may only lick them until I get older.

On Sunday we went with our friends to Clay Park for a potluck. My Daddy and I enjoyed watching a good game of horse balls or trailer park golf.