Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Being 3 doesn't stop me!

This has been a big week for me! I got a code yellow called on me at Target. I decided that I was going to run away from Mommy. After I did a quick sprint I didn't see Olivia or Mommy any where and since my legs were tired I thought it would be a good idea to go find a bench to sit on. My Mommy was really upset by the whole situation but I wasn't scared at all!

We frequently visit the pool so I have been working hard on my swimming and jumping in.

After I jump in I am able to swim on my own for a few strokes.

Now that Olivia and I have a sand box on the patio I love being out there. The patio is also great for friend watching. I like to see what's going on and who is out there. It's a great place to friend watch since it is right by the park. On this day I took Tully (the closest thing to a pet that my parents will allow me to have) out to look for friends. I didn't want Tully to run away so I found one of my belts and made myself a leash.

Good thing that today is blog day because a lot of things happened. Here are a couple conversations that I had with my Mommy...

"Mom, there is something very wrong in the bathroom!"
Mom said, "What?"
"There is a bug on the floor!!!"

"Mom, why don't you have an earring on your nose? I think that you should get one."
Mom said, "Gross, why?"
"Aunt Erin has one and it's so pretty. I want one too."

Today, I swam the most I ever have and it was so much fun! I can now swim about 8-10 feet without anyone's help. All that work makes a little girl tired. In fact, at dinner tonight I fell asleep while in mid-chew. Daddy had to do a finger sweep to get my bite of salad out of my mouth because I couldn't wake up enough to spit it out myself. There is video footage of the event. Hopefully, Daddy with upload it to my YouTube page for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


While my mommy was in the shower I decided to get the camera and take some pictures...

I had to turn myself in because I needed mommy to turn the camera off. Below is my photography.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Playing Mommy

Wow, how time flies! This week has gone by so quickly that my mommy and daddy forgot to take any pictures. So, I'll just give you an update on what I am up to these days...

I love to color, paint, cut, glue, and put stickers on my papers. I even rubbed lemon on my art to see what would happen! I thought it was so cool!

My most favorite thing to do is to play mommy! I am the mommy and Mommy is the sister and Daddy is the brother. I like to have us pack, go to Disneyland, and call everyone "sweetheart"!

Earlier this week we had taco salad for dinner and I told my parents that "beef, lettuce, cheese, sauce, and chips were my favorite flavors."

Till we meet again!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Adventures

Mom and Dad gave Olivia and me a cool turtle sandbox in celebration of Easter! Before we played in it we had a hunt around the house for plastic eggs that had a little candy and money in them.

After a great time a church we came home a played in the sandbox and did a little painting.

Later we hung out with Caden and his family. I smashed a confetti egg on Dad's head!

This last picture is a display of my make-up skills. Do you like my brow?