Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn Activities

My parents really like fall.  I understand that it's quite different here in Phoenix than in Michigan where they grew up, but I get the gist of their admiration.  Football, apples, leaves, and...jean jackets?  I rock'em just like Mommy and Daddy!

Mommy and I got Daddy an iPod Touch for his birthday.  I helped him get a bunch of songs loaded on to it.  I have an affinity towards gadgets and explained to Daddy that monkeys have been trained to use them!
My bosom buddy Caeden celebrated his 3rd birthday over the weekend.  I had a great time at the party with my friends and family.  We played with balloons, tricycles, and balls.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Daddy turned 30!

This week Mommy and I spent a lot of time planning for Daddy's birthday.  We both love him so much and wanted to make his day extra special.  

When we weren't planning for Daddy's 30th I learned how to climb up to the top of my change table.  I was so quick that my parents almost missed me in action.

I thought Daddy could use my help blowing out the candles.

I had to go potty and this is how much toilet paper I thought that I needed.  Think it is too much?  Mommy did!  I may not know how to gage the amount of toilet paper I need but I do know the entire Alphabet.

P.S. This is how I woke my Mommy up today.

"Open the refrigerator!  I want to eat!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's cooling off!

Finally, it is not too hot to play outside.  This week we got to go to the park a few times, but Mommy didn't take any photos.  Mommy says that I have to up my bathing since I like to get into the dirt.  Here I am getting some bath toys ready.
Mommy and Daddy cannot believe how fast I am growing up.  I like to be independent and now I know when to voice my opinion.  My latest phrase is "NO, don't touch me!"
I spent some time dropping goldfish for the birds to eat.
Here are some other interesting facts about me:

I like to sleep with the light on.
Mommy caught me with the toilet open, cleaning it with the toilet brush.
I am still crazy, as ever, about blueberries and raspberries (raspblueberries as I call them.)
I started to use a pillow at night.
I am quick to say "I'm sorry," especially if I think it will help me get out of trouble.
I love when Mommy and Daddy sing to me when I am brushing my hair or teeth.
I enjoying look at old photos of myself.
I know how to get my own drink out of the refrigerator and put it back.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy Belated Blog!

Apparently, I was having too much fun and forgot to post the weekly blog!

On Sunday, we went on a two hour bike ride along the Phoenix Channel.  We stopped half way at a park where we played and had a picnic.
Here Caeden and I are quacking around at the Westcor kids club show.  The first Monday of every month the mall puts on a hour long performance of singing, dancing, reading, and prizes. My favorite part is when Webster sings "happy birthday." 
  Have a nice week!